The doors to the metaphysical worlds are only a little ajar yet. Mankind is barely at the beginning of contact with jinn and devils. However mankind will one day feel constrained to enter the world of jinn and devils and try to solve many of their problems pertaining to the material world.
The Holy Book states that God bestowed upon the House of Abraham the Scripture and Wisdom and He bestowed on them a mighty kingdom (4:54). The mighty kingdom bestowed upon the House of Abraham manifested itself most brilliantly through the Prophets David and Solomon. The Prophet Solomon ruled not only over a part of mankind but also over jinn devils birds and winds:

"God subdued unto him devils some of whom dived for pearls and did other work (21:82)."

He had armies of jinn and birds and he employed jinn in many jobs:

"They made for him what he willed: synagogues fortresses and basins like wells and boilers built into the ground (34:13).

"Wind was also subdued to him; its morning course was a month's journey and the evening course also a month's journey (34:12)."

As was pointed out earlier the throne of the Queen of Sheba was carried from the Yemen to Jerusalem in the twinkling of an eye (27:40).

The verses relating to Solomon's kingdom point to the final limit of the use of Jinn and Devils by mankind. These verses suggest that a day will come when mankind are able to use them in many jobs especially in communication. It is quite probable that they will also be employed in security affairs; mining and metal work and even in space studies and historical researches. Since Jinn can live about one thousand years they may be useful in establishing historical facts.