Some people have an innate ability to go into trance and make contact with beings from the invisible realms of existence. However it should not be forgotten that whether angels or jinn the invisible beings have their own conditions of life and there are certain limits and principles to which they are bound. For this reason one who gets in touch with jinn should be watchful in relations with them. One may easily fall under their influence and become their plaything.
Sins and uncleanness serve as an invitation to the influence of evil spirits unbelieving jinn. Especially those of a susceptible nature and a tendency to melancholy and those who lead a dissipated undisciplined life are exposed to the influence of evil spirits. They evil spirits usually reside in places for dumping garbage other dirty places public baths and water closets.

Do jinn cause certain illnesses?

Jinn are penetrative beings with greater penetrating capacity than even X-rays. They can penetrate into men's bodies as far as the veins and the central points of the brain. As most people know today laser rays which have a wide range of use from computers to nuclear weaponry and from medicine to communication and police investigations can travel into the blood vessels and can therefore be used to remove obstructions in them. So when we consider that Satan and all other jinn are created from smokeless fire penetrating deep into the body which we can interpret as something like radiation or radioactive energy we can understand the meaning of the Prophetic Tradition: "Satan moves where the blood moves." Therefore the jinn can harm the body and cause physical or/and psychological illnesses. I think it may well be use for medical authorities to consider whether jinn are responsible for at least certain types of cancer. For as is well known cancer is unordered diseased growth in the body which we describe as a kind of cellular anarchy. . It is probable that a group of jinn are settled in some part of the body and are destroying the structure of its cells.

Although sciences do not yet accept the existence of invisible beings and restrict them to the material world only we think it is worth giving consideration to the possibility that evil spirits play some part in mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Everyday we witness many cases all over the world that those who suffer such mental illness or epilepsy or even cancer can recover through recitation of certain prayers. Such cases are serious and significant and should not be denied or dismissed by attributing them to such notions as suggestion or auto-suggestion. . When the sciences break the thick shells within which they have confined themselves and accept the existence of the metaphysical realm and the influence of the metaphysical forces they will be able to remove many obstructions before them and make far greater advances and they will be safer against errors.