Life in the whole of the universe displays a symphony of mutual helping. Just like the members organs and systems even cells of a living animal body all parts of the universe support and help one another.

For example for a single apple to come into existence air water earth the sun even all the parts of the universe give hand in hand and co-operate. Like the components of a factory or the building blocks of a palace creatures support one another come to one another's aid and co-operate to meet one another's needs. In a perfect orderliness they all work together. Joining efforts they serve living beings. Elements in earth come to the aid of plants: they serve their coming into existence and maintaining their lives. Most animals live on plants and man lives on plants and animals. Thus elements form the basic foundation of the physical constitution of living beings.

Truly acting in accordance with the rule of mutual assistance which is in force in the whole universe - from the sun and moon night and day winter and summer to plants coming to the aid of needy and hungry animals and animals hastening to the help of weak noble men and even nutritious substances flying to the help of delicate helpless infants and fruits and particles of food moving to assist the cells of the body - they demonstrate to anyone who is not altogether blind that they are acting through the power of a single. Most Munificent Upbringer and at the command of a single. Most Wise Administrator.