Out of the living creatures a human being for instance is plainly a miniature of the universe and a fruit of the tree of creation or the universe and a seed of this world such that he comprises samples of most species of beings. It is as if that living being is a drop distilled from the whole universe with the most subtle and sensitive balance. That means to create this living being and be the Lord over him requires having a free disposal of the whole universe.

Thus one who is not lost in fancies and delusions will understand that to make for example a honeybee a sort of small index of most things and to inscribe for example in man most features of the universe and to include in one point for example in a tiny fig seed the program of the whole fig tree and to exhibit for example in man's heart the works of all the Divine Names which are manifest throughout the universe and to record in the human memory which is situated in a place the size of a lentil. 'writings' enough to fill a library and to include in it a detailed index of all the events in the cosmos is most certainly a stamp unique to the Creator of all things and the All-Majestic Lord of the universe.