Worship means one's sincere acknowledgement of himself or herself as a servant and God as the sole and true Object of Worship. It consists in a servant designing his or her life in accordance with the relations between a true servant and the True Object of Worship in the light of the fact that one is the created and the other the Creator.

Worship means one's thankfulness for the bounties with which he or she is endowed such as life consciousness power of perception and faith while negligence of the duty of worship is crude ingratitude.

Worship is a road to travel opened by the Being Who commands us to belief and it is a set of good manners that He ordered us to observe so that we could finally reach Him and obtain happiness in both this life and the next. It is not possible for those who cannot find this way and acquire these manners to reach God the Truth.

Worship is the safest way to reach the most unshakable certainty in one's conscience about the greatest truth known only theoretically at the outset. In each station on this way along which consciousness seeks certainty on the wings of reverence and respect a person experiences a different taste of catching glimpse of the Beloved.

Some souls shut off to the truth have spent their lives studying only certain theoretical matters; even if they live in the enchanting company of the most eloquent articulate tongues and the most fascinating expressions about the truth they cannot advance even a meter toward it.

Worship is a blessed growing resource feeding a person's thoughts and deliberations of being good righteous and virtuous and a mysterious elixir which reforms the innate tendencies of selfhood toward evil. One who has recourse to this resource a few times a day with reflection on Divine truths and remembrance of God has entered on the way to becoming a perfect one and taken shelter against the temptations of the carnal self.

Worship is developing the potential in a person to be like angels in order to be fitted for Paradise and bringing under control the bestial inclinations and potentialities. So far in human history by means of their worship many have surpassed angels while many others refusing worship have fallen to the lowest of the low.

The most meritorious of the acts or services of worship is knowing and loving God Almighty and being beneficial to humanity. If there is something more meritorious and commendable than this it is seeking God's approval and good pleasure in whatever one does and moved by the command. "Be straightforward as you are commanded." always being in pursuit of what is the truest and highest ideal in life.