Since its appearance on the Earth humanity has found true peace and happiness in religion. As it is impossible to talk of morality and virtue where people do not practice the true religion it is also difficult to imagine real happiness for morality and virtue originate in a good clear conscience. Religion is what makes one's conscience good and clear for it is a connection between humanity and God.

Religion is the best school a most blessed institution founded to inculcate in people good moral qualities. It is open to everyone from the youngest to the oldest and only those who attend it attain peace satisfaction and freedom. Those without religion by contrast cannot save themselves from losing everything including their true identity.

Religion is the collection of Divine principles that guide people to what is good not by force but by appealing to their free will. All principles that secure our spiritual and material progress and thereby our happiness in both worlds are found in religion.

Religion means recognizing God in His absolute and transcendental Oneness; acquiring spiritual purity by acting in His way; arranging relationships in His name and according to His commandments and feeling a profound interest in and love for all creation on His account.

Sooner or later those who do not recognize religion will come to despise such high values as chastity patriotism and love of humanity.

Immorality is a disease caused by the absence of religion and anarchy is a product of the same lack.

Do atheists who devote their lives to attacking not have some obligation to demonstrate the benefits if any and the good consequences if any of atheism?

Religion and science are two faces of a single truth. Religion guides us to the true path leading to happiness. Science when understood and used properly is like a torch that provides us with a light to follow the same path.

All the beautiful "flowers" of laudable virtues are grown in the "gardens" of religion as are the most illustrious "fruits" of the tree of creation such as Prophets saints and scholars of high achievement. Although atheists deliberately ignore them regardless of how hard they try they will be unable to remove them from the hearts of people and the pages of books.

Nothing in true religion is contrary to sound thinking common sense and knowledge. Therefore true religion cannot be criticized from any rational point of view. Those who do not accept religion either are devoid of sound thinking and reasoning or have a wrong conception of knowledge and science.

Religion is an inexhaustible and blessed source that lays the foundation of true civilization. It is through religion that we are elevated so high in spirit and feelings that we make contact with metaphysical worlds where we are "fed" to full satisfaction with all kinds of beauty virtue and goodness.

Virtues are to be sought in the practice of religion. It rarely happens that an atheist has laudable virtues or that a religious person has none.

Men and women attain true humanity by means of religion which distinguishes them from animals. For atheists there is no difference between human beings and animals.

Religion is the way established by God while atheism is the way of Satan. This is why the struggle between religion and atheism has existed since the time of Adam and will continue until the Last Day.