God is eternal so are His Mercy and Munificence. An Eternal One manifests Himself eternally and requires the existence of eternal beings. His eternal Mercy and Munificence demand eternal manifestation and therefore eternal beings on whom He will confer His bounties eternally.

However the present material world is subject to perishing: the death of millions of living creatures every day the extinction of numerous lives is indicative of this world's final overall death. In addition the material world cannot receive the manifestations of Divine Names and Attributes in all their comprehensiveness. Also living beings have to exert much effort and struggle through many hardships and difficulties in order to maintain themselves. For human beings in particular it is impossible to gratify all of their desires and appetites. Such qualities as youth beauty and strength upon which a man sets his heart desert him without even saying farewell and leave behind great sorrows causing him to grieve. Also in order to obtain say a cluster of grapes he has to exert certain effort. Again it would clearly be a pain; even an insult and mockery to stop nourishing eternally after those who need nourishment have tasted it. For a blessing to be really a blessing it must be constant. Without an eternal life in which man will be able to gratify all his desires eternally all the bounties and blessings God Almighty confers on man in this world will change into pains and sorrows. Therefore after its overall destruction. God will change the world into an eternal one which is able to receive the manifestations of His Mercy and Munificence without any obstruction in which man can satisfy all his desires eternally.