In fact in the words of the Holy Book. "the quile of Satan is ever feeble (4:76)." It is life a cobweb appearing before you while you are walking between two walls. Just as you do not hold back from going on because of that cobweb you should not also give much importance to Satan's guiles.
He only suggests or whispers; he gilds sinful acts and presents them in 'falsely ornamented wrapper' so a believer must never be deceived into accepting his invitations. When he attempts to whisper evil thoughts as a last resort a believer should be certain that this is the weakest of his strategies and never dwell on them. If he dwells on them and blows them up then he may be defeated by Satan. Like a commander who deceived by hallucinations due to fear dispatches his army to the two wings and leaves the center exposed to the attack of the enemy he exhausts his power of perseverance and resolve in fighting against Satan and his carnal self on resisting unintentional fancies or scruples whispered by Satan and in the end he becomes too weak to fight against the real temptations of Satan and of his carnal self.


In order to keep free from evil suggestions of Satan one should be distant from the attractive field of Satan and sins. Heedlessness and neglect of worship are like an invitation to the 'arrows' of Satan. The Holy Book declares!

Whose sight is dim to the remembrance of the All Merciful. We assign unto him a devil who becomes his comrade (43:36).

Remembrance of the All-Merciful noble or sacred phenomena and a regular religious life protect a man from being defenseless against Satan's attacks. Again the Holy Book advises:

If a suggestion from Satan occurs to you then seek refuge in God. He is All-Healing. All-Knowing. Those who fear God and ward off (evil) when a passing notion from Satan troubles them they remember and behold! They see! (7:200-201)

Satan sometimes tries to tempt one through association of obscene scenes. He obsesses one with suggestions of or calls to illicit pleasures. On such occasions a man should try to persuade himself that any illicit pleasure will certainly result in fits of remorse and may endanger his afterlife or even his mortal life. He should know that as the Holy Book states the life of the world is but a passing plaything and comfort of illusion and the real or true life is the life of the Hereafter.