Some evil thoughts and fancies or associations of ideas which occur to a man involuntarily are usually the result of Satan's whispering. Like the two poles in a battery there are two central points or poles in man's heart (by 'heart' we mean the seat or center of spiritual intellect). One receives angelic inspiration; the other is vulnerable to Satan's whispering. When a believer deepens in belief and devotion and if he is a scrupulous and delicate in feeling. Satan attacks him from different directions. Satan does not try to tempt those who follow him voluntarily who have indulged themselves in passing fancies and bodily pleasures. He usually aims at those sincere devout believers who are in the course of rising to higher and higher spiritual ranks. He whispers to sinful unbelievers new original ideas in the name of unbelief and teaches them new ways of struggling with the true religion and devout believers.