Belief in the Resurrection will also change a house into a garden of Paradise. In a house where the young pursue their pleasures children have nothing to do with religious sentiment and practices the parents are engrossed in procuring all fantasies of life and the grandparents are sent to a poor-house or are left to console themselves with pet dogs or cats for the love they would like to show to their grandchildren and the respect they would desire to have from them - in such a house life is a burden difficult to bear. Belief in the Resurrection will remind everyone of their responsibility in the family toward one another and a fragrance of mutual love affection and respect will begin to be felt in the house.

Also belief in the Resurrection leads the spouses in a family to love and respect each other more deeply. For any love felt for physical beauty and restricted to a short passing life in the world is of little value and usually disappears shortly after the marriage. But if the spouses love each other believing that their marriage will continue eternally in the other world where they will be eternally young without losing anything of their beauties their love for each other will not disappear along with their growing old and the gradual disappearance of their beauties. If then a family life is based on belief in the Resurrection that family will feel as if they were living in Paradise. Similarly if the order of a country is again based on belief in the Resurrection belief in another world where everyone will be called to account for whatever they did in the world.