Just as God preserves things in their seeds so also He preserves sounds voices and appearances and sights on 'tapes' or other devices to display them in another world. Who knows that the day may come when these sounds and sights are discovered while we are still in this world?

I remember once I read of an experiment carried out by a scientist to find out a killer. The suspected persons were brought one by one under the tree where the crime was committed. The tree which showed nothing unusual until the killer was brought under it then began to. Somehow voice manner posture or attitude whatever the killer had displayed during the crime had been recorded on the tree. Thus. God. Who preserves a man in a sperm a plant in its seeds and a hen in an egg and makes it manifest that He records everything on invisible tapes by enabling man to record and preserve sounds and images will not leave man whom He has made the noblest and perfect pattern of existence to his own devices or leave his record to disappear; rather. He will bring him to back to life again in a different eternal world.