God's Messenger was once sitting in the prayer hall when some prisoners of war were brought to him. A woman who was looking for something in a great anxiety drew the Messenger's attention to herself.
Which boy the woman saw she took him to her breast and then left him. She must have been looking for her son. At last she found him and embraced him pressing him to her breast and caressing him with a great affection. This caused the Messenger to burst into tears and pointing to the woman he asked his Companions around him:

- Do you see that woman? Does she throw that child in her arms into Hell?

-No! the Companions answered and the Messenger added:

-God is much more compassionate than that woman. He does not throw His servants into Hell [unless the servants absolutely deserve it].

The other world is the world where the Divine Pity and Caring will be manifested fully without any intervention and without allowing any sorrows and pains.