Nothing disappears altogether from the world. While every word and act of man can be recorded on tapes and preserved why should we not be able to grasp that God records the words and deeds of mankind in some way not as yet known to us? Advances in sciences and technology provide every day some new evidence for the existence and Unity of God and affirm together with the Divine origin of The Holy Book the truth of Islamic tenets of belief.

This is in fact what The Holy Book declared centuries ago:

"We shall show them Our signs in the outer world and within themselves until it will be manifest to them that (The Holy Book) is the truth. Does not your Lord suffice since He is witness over all things (41:53)?"

If one is sincere in searching for the truth and has the 'power of sight' to see the truth as it is if one is not blinded to the truth by prejudices ignorance and worldly aims and desires every new advance in sciences manifests the truth of The Holy Book. We see in the universe that God enfolds everything in such small things as seeds. A man is enfolded in a sperm or in his chromosomes numbering 46. If he had 44 or 48 chromosomes not 46 he would change into a completely different being. Similarly when he has disappeared into earth after death again the most essential part of him which has the meaning for his existence as a seed has for a plant does not disappear and God will re-build him during the Resurrection on that part. God preserves everything and does not allow it to disappear forever. For example when a plant withers away in autumn or winter it continues to live in innumerable memories as it goes on living through its seeds to be back again in life in next spring.