The world does not suffice for the right judgment of man’s worth. Although physically he is a small body through his mental and spiritual faculties he embraces the whole of the universe. His acts do not relate only to the visible world and cannot be restricted by time and space.

He has so universal a nature that even the acts of the first man has effects on the life and character of the last man on the whole of existence. To restrict man as materialists do to a physical entity and to a very short part of time and a limited part of space is the worst of insolence to man and inappreciation of him. The scales of this world cannot weigh the intellectual and spiritual value of the Messengers and their achievements nor can they weigh the measure of the destruction caused by world-notorious individuals like Pharaoh. Nero. Hitler. Stalin and the like. The scales of this world cannot weigh the true value of a sincere belief and moral qualities. With what can you reward a martyr who has sacrificed himself his world for God’s sake for the sake of others or for the sake of some universal human values like justice and truthfulness. With what can you reward a believing scientist who has dedicated himself to the service of humanity and made an invention from which the whole of mankind will benefit until the Last Day? It is only the scales of the other world scales which can weigh even an atom’s weight of good and an atom’s weight of evil that can do so.