Question: What does the body defective changing unstable and pain-stricken have to do with eternity and Paradise? The elevated pleasures of the spirit must be enough. Why should a bodily resurrection take place for corporal pleasures?

Answer: Since despite its darkness and density in contrast to water air and light earth is the means and source of all the varieties of the works of Divine art in meaning it has some superiority to the other elements. Also despite its density on account of being comprehensive and provided it is purified man's selfhood gains some kind of superiority to his other senses and faculties. Likewise man's body is a most comprehensive and rich mirror to the manifestations of the Divine Names. It has been equipped with the instruments to weigh and measure the contents of all of the Divine treasuries. For example if the sense of taste in the tongue was not the origin of as many measures as the varieties of food and drink it could not experience each and recognise them; it could not measure them. Furthermore the instruments with which to experience and recognise the manifestations of most of the Divine Names and the faculties for experiencing the most various and infinitely different pleasures are also in the body.

Since as is understood clearly from the conduct of the universe and the comprehensiveness of man the Maker of the universe wants through the universe to make known all the treasuries of His Mercy and all the manifestations of His Names and to make us experience all the varieties of His bounties for sure the world of eternal happiness which is a mighty pool into which the flood of the universe flows and a vast exhibition of the products of the loom of the universe and the everlasting store of the crops produced in the field of the world will resemble the universe to a degree. The All-Wise Maker the All-Compassionate Just One will give as wages for the duties of the bodily organs and in reward for their services and particular types of worship pleasures particular to each. To think otherwise would be contrary to His Wisdom. Justice and Compassion.