Nothing is difficult for God Almighty; it is equally easy for Him to create the whole of the universe and a tiny particle. He has provided men; jinn and angels with power and strength appropriate for the function or duties of each. As He uses angels in the supervision of the movements of celestial bodies. He has allowed man to rule on the earth dominate over matter and build civilizations and produce technology.

Power and strength are not limited to the physical world nor are they proportional to bodily size. We observe that immaterial things are much more powerful than huge physical bodies. For example memory is much more spacious and comprehensive than a large room. We can touch with our hands a very near object but our eyes can travel long distances in an instant while our imagination can go beyond time and space all at once. Winds can pull out trees and demolish huge buildings. A young thin shoot of a plant can split rocks and appear in sunlight. Everybody knows the power of energy whose existence we can know through the effect it produces. All this shows that the power of something is not proportional to its physical structure rather the immaterial world is dominant over the physical world and immaterial entities are much more powerful than material ones.