It has been proved that there is a necessity for the Resurrection and the One Who will raise the dead is able to do this. The whole world is exposed to the Resurrection and there are four matters relating to this subject as follows:

First: It is possible for this world to perish.

Second: The world will actually perish.

Third: The possibility exists for the destroyed world to be rebuilt again in the form of the Hereafter.

Fourth: The destroyed world will actually be resurrected and re-built

A significant subtle point

Water freezes and loses its essential liquid form; ice changes into water and loses its essential state as a solid; the essence of something becomes stronger at the expense of its material form; a coarse language is not suitable for the expression of meaning; the spirit weakens as the flesh becomes more substantial and the flesh weakens as the spirit becomes more illuminated. Thus the solid world is being gradually refined by the mechanism of life to the advantage of the afterlife. The Creative Power breathes life into dense solid and inanimate substances as the result of astonishing activities and refines that solid world to the advantage of the coming world through the light of life.

Another significant point

A close examination of what goes on in the universe will make it clear that within it are two opposed elements that have spread everywhere and become rooted: with their results like good and evil benefit and harm perfection and defect light and darkness guidance and misguidance belief and unbelief obedience and rebellion and fear and love the opposed elements clash with one another in the universe. The universe manifests through such continuous conflict of opposites incessant alterations and transformations so as to produce the elements of a new world. These opposed elements will eventually lead to eternity in two different directions and materialize as Paradise and Hell. The Eternal World will be made up of the essential elements of this transitory world and these elements will then be given permanence. Paradise and Hell are in fact the two opposite fruits which grow on the two branches of the tree of creation; or they are the two results of the chain of creation. They are the two cisterns which are being filled by the two streams of things and events and the two poles to which beings are flowing in waves. They are the places where Divine Grace and Divine Wrath manifest themselves and they will be filled up with their particular inhabitants when the Divine Power shakes up the universe with a violent motion.

For whatever sublime purposes other than those we are aware of God willed that the creation should take place. He also willed the change and alteration of this world for the same purposes. He mixed together opposites and made them confront one another--mingling harm with benefit including evil with good and combining ugliness with beauty. He kneaded them together like dough and made the universe subject to the law of alteration and to the principle of perfection. The time will arrive when the trial and testing come to an end and the Pen of Divine Destiny will have written what it has to write. The Divine Power will have completed its work all the creatures will have fulfilled their duties and services and the seeds will have been sown in the field of the Afterlife. The earth will have displayed the miracles of Divine Power and this transitory world will have hung all the eternal scenes upon the picture-rail of time and the eternal Wisdom and Favor of the Majestic Maker will require that the results of the test be announced the truths of the manifestations of the Divine Beautiful Names and the missives of the Pen of Divine Destiny be unveiled the duties performed by the creatures be repaid the truths of the meanings expressed by the words of the book of the universe be seen the fruits of potentialities be yielded a supreme court be established and the veil of natural causes be removed so that everything is submitted directly to the Divine Will and Power. On that day the Majestic Creator will destroy the universe to eternalize it and He will separate the opposites from each other. This separation will result in the appearance of Hell with all its awfulness and of Paradise with all its beauty and splendor; the people of Hell will be threatened with the words. Now keep yourselves apart you sinners upon this day whilst the People of Paradise will be welcomed with the words! Well you have fared; enter in to dwell forever.

In short. it is as certain as the sun's rising the next morning after setting this evening that the 'sun of truth' will appear in the form of the life of the Hereafter after the setting of the life of this world.