It is clearly shown in the above Indications that with his faculty of will and insignificant wishes through giving form and reality to something non-existent or theoretical man causes awesome destruction and evils. And so too since his soul and appetites always incline towards evil and harm he is responsible for the evils that occur as a result of his slight wishes. For his soul wanted them and his desires gave rise to them. And since evil pertains to non-existence the servant is the agent and Almighty God creates it. Being responsible for the infinite crime he certainly deserves infinite punishment.

However since good deeds and actions pertain to existence man's will and wishes cannot be the direct cause of their existence. Man cannot be the true agent in such an act. Also his evil-commanding soul is not biased towards good deeds rather. Divine mercy requires them and dominical power creates them. Man can only lay a claim to them through belief a wish or an intention. And having claimed them those good works consist of thanks for the infinite Divine bounties he has received like the bounties of belief and existence. This thanks looks to past bounties while Paradise which as a Divine promise will be given is a favour of the Most Merciful. Apparently it will be a reward but in reality it is a favour.

That is to say in evils the soul is the cause and deserves the punishment while in good deeds both the cause and the occasion are from God. Man can only lay claim to them through belief. He may not say: "I want the reward." but he may say: "I hope for Divine favour."