Belief bears the seed of a sort of Paradise experienced by the spirit while unbelief contains the seed of a sort of Hell which is again experienced spiritually. Just as unbelief is the seed of Hell so too. Hell is a fruit of unbelief. As unbelief is the cause of entering Hell it is also the cause of Hell's existence and creation. For if there is an insignificant ruler of small dignity small pride and small majesty and an unmannerly one tells him rebelliously. 'You cannot punish me!' for sure if there is no prison in that place the ruler will have one built for him and will cast him in it. However by denying Hell the unbeliever contradicts the infinitely Powerful One. Who has infinite dignity glory and majesty and is infinitely great and is accusing Him of impotence and lying he is severely insulting His honor and dignity and offending His pride glory and majesty in awesome and rebellious manner. Certainly if to suppose the inconceivable there was no reason for the existence of Hell it will be created to punish unbelief which comprises contradiction of God and insulting Him with impotence to such degree and such an unbeliever will be cast into it.