Consider the sun: from the planets to drops of water to fragments of glass and sparkling snow-flakes a radiant effect particular to the sun is apparent. If you do not accept the tiny suns apparent in these innumerable things to be the manifestations of the sun's reflection then you will have to countenance the absurdity of accepting the actual existence of a sun in each drop of water and in each fragment of glass and transparent object facing the light of the sun. If the images or reflections of the sun in drops of water and fragments of glass and various colors in flowers are not attributed to the sun then it will be necessary to accept the existence of innumerable suns in place of the one sun which is an utterly inconceivable superstition. In just the same way if everything in the universe is not attributed to One God the Absolutely All-Powerful One it will be necessary to accept in place of One God as many gods as the particles in the universe. This will mean falling to the degree of accepting a hundred-fold inconceivability.