The universe resembles a tree which has Holy Book from a seed containing the program of the future full form of the tree.

So all things in the universe are closely interrelated with one another. Each particle in the body for example a particle in the pupil of the eye has relations with the eye itself as well as with the head and the powers of reproduction attraction and repulsion with the veins and arteries and with other veins and motor and sensory nerves which serve the circulation of blood and the working of the body and with the rest of the body and it has also duties in relation to each. This evidently shows one who is not blind that the whole of the body including every particle is a work of an Eternal. All-Powerful One and operates under His command.

A molecule of air may visit any flower and any fruit. It may also enter into it and work within it. If it were not subjugated to and working under the command of an Absolutely All-Powerful One that wandering molecule of air would have to know all the systems and structures of all flowers and fruits and how they are formed down to their peripheric lines. So that molecule does therefore show the rays of a light of Divine Unity like a sun. You may compare light earth and water with air.

In any event the original sources of things which according to science are hydrogen oxygen carbon and nitrogen are the components of earth air water and light.