Life is the brightest evidence of God. Who makes everything out of one thing and makes one thing out of many things.
Air is a marvelous conductor

All things in the universe are interrelated with one another

Everything is in its exact place in creation and in close co-operation with everything else

Every particle testifies to God in two ways

A human being is a miniature of the universe

Life in the whole of the universe displays a symphony of mutual helping: Creatures hasten to the aid of one another

The universal providence and favor

Everything is a mirror to God just as every transparent thing in which the sun is seen points to the sun

In spring hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals are raised to life with complete differentiation and specification and perfect orderliness and separation amid infinite intermingling and confusion

Everything displays that it is under the disposal and direction of a single supreme being

It is impossible to attribute existence to more than one originator

The correspondence and similarity in basic members between all the individuals of a species and all the divisions of a genus proves that they are the works of a single Maker

A single pomegranate costs the whole universe

Death is an argument and proof for Divine Oneness

The perfection in creation points to One Who is perfect