Belief is both light and strength. Yes one who obtains true belief may challenge the whole universe and be saved from the pressure of events in accordance with the strength of his belief.

Saying. "I place my trust in God." he travels through the mountainous waves of events in the ship of life in complete safety. He entrusts all his burdens to the hand of power of the Absolutely Powerful One voyages through the world in ease then takes his rest in the intermediate realm. Later he may fly up to Paradise in order to enter eternal happiness. Otherwise if he does not rely on God rather than flying the burdens of the world will drag him down to the lowest of the low. That is to say. belief necessitates affirmation of Divine Unity affirmation of Divine Unity necessitates submission to God submission to God necessitates reliance on God and reliance on God necessarily leads to happiness in this world and the next. But do not misunderstand this reliance on God is not to reject causes altogether; it is rather to know that causes are a veil to the hand of power and have recourse to them. Knowing that attempting causes is a sort of active prayer it is to seek the effects only from Almighty God recognize that the results are from Him alone and to be thankful to Him.

Those who place their trust in God and those who do not resemble the two men in this story:

One time two men loaded heavy burdens onto both their backs and heads and buying tickets boarded a large ship. As soon as they boarded it one of them left his load on the deck and sitting on it guarded it. The other however since he was both stupid and arrogant did not put down his load. When he was told: "Leave that heavy load on the deck and be comfortable." he replied: "No. I won't put it down it might get lost. I am strong. I'll guard my property by carrying it on my head and back." He was told again: "This reliable royal ship which is carrying you and us is stronger it can protect it better than you. You may get giddy and fall into the sea together with your load. Anyway you will gradually lose your strength and by degrees those loads will get heavier and your bent back and brainless head will not have the power to bear them. And if the Captain sees you in this state he will either say that you are crazy and expel you from the ship or he will think you are ungrateful accusing our ship and jeering at us and he will order you to be put into prison. Also you are making a fool of yourself in front of everyone. For the perceptive see that you are displaying weakness through your conceit impotence through your pride and abasement and hypocrisy through your pretence and have thus made yourself a laughingstock in the eyes of the people. Everyone's laughing at you." Whereupon that unfortunate man came to his senses. He put down his load on the deck and sat on it. He said to the other: "Ah! May God be pleased with you. I've been saved from that difficulty from prison and from making a fool of myself."

And so. O man who does not place his trust in God! You too come to your senses like that man and place your trust in Him so that you may be delivered from begging before all the universe trembling before every event from pride making a fool of yourself misery in the hereafter and the prison of the pressures of this world...