Seventh window: Countless kinds and species of creatures come into existence easily and resemble each other in many ways. They are spread on Earth with perfect order and show a perfect proportionateness and equipment. This demonstrates an All‑Wise Maker's necessary Existence and Unity and His Power's perfection on a broad scale. The creation of innumerable and unique well‑composed compound beings out of simple lifeless elements also testifies to that All‑Wise Maker's necessary Existence and points to His Unity. As a whole. these beings show His Power's perfection and His Unity in a most brilliant way.

Also there is an infinite degree of differentiation and compounding within infinite profusion. For example while seeds and roots exist underground in very confused positions they are amazingly distinguished in growth. Like food particles entering the body in confusion and then separated and shared among organs and tissues with perfect measure and wisdom atoms entering trees in confusion are distinguished and distributed among leaves blossoms and fruits. This shows the necessary Existence of that absolutely Wise. Knowing and Powerful One as well as His Unity and His Power's perfection. It also demonstrates His Lordship's grandeur and perfection for He makes the world of atoms into a boundless vast field and then sows and harvests it every moment with perfect wisdom. He obtains fresh crops of different worlds from it and causes those unconscious powerless and ignorant atoms to perform innumerable systematic functions just as if they were extremely learned conscious and capable.

Thus a large window is opened onto knowledge of God through these four ways that display the All‑Wise Maker to the mind on a large scale. If you do not want to see Him in this way and recognize Him rid yourself of reason so as to become like an animal and be saved (if such a thing is even possible)!