Fifth window: We see that things especially living ones. apparently come into existence as if all at once. Given this we would expect them to be simple coarse and without any art. Instead they are so finely created that many skills are required embellished so carefully and delicately that a long time is demanded ornamented so artistically that many tools are needed and made so elaborately that a great amount of material is necessary. So the beautiful form given to each and all things simultaneously as well as the wonderful artistry manifested on them testify to an All‑Wise Maker's necessary Existence and point to His Lordship's Unity. As a whole and through their form. as well as their displayed artistry they point in a most brilliant way to a Necessarily Existent Being Who is infinitely powerful and wise.

How do you explain this? Can it be attributed to ignorant nature? Can you call that Holy Maker "nature" and ascribe the miracles of His Power to it? This is the greatest mistake and regarding it as so is inconceivable.