Third window: The huge army of countless plant and animal species is characterized by perfect measure and order a complete lack of confusion and forgetfulness a particular form and garment and a particular provision and weaponry.

In addition each species is trained and demobilized in a unique way.[1] This is a stamp of the One of Unity a stamp as brilliant as the sun and thus beyond doubt. Who but the One with limitless Power all‑encompassing Knowledge and infinite Wisdom can dare to share in that infinitely wonderful administration? If one who could not administer and train all species and races together even though they are intermixed were to interfere with one of them confusion would arise. However we read: Turn your gaze again do you see any fissure? (67:3). As there is no sign of any void or confusion no one could have a part in creation.

[1] 2Among those species are some whose numbers in a year exceed all people who have ever lived and who ever will live from the time of Adam to the end of the world.