There are many collections of Buddhist teachings usually specific to geographical regions that are regarded as important. In addition to the Pali canon (above) sutras containing the Buddha's advanced teaching are treasured by Mahayana Buddhists.
Buddhist symbols include; The lotus. The wheel of life. Images of the Buddha

Mandalas-symbolic maps expressing in concentrated form the nature of Buddhist universes.

For the three sects of Buddhism each have their scriptures. Mahayana Buddhism uses Theravada scriptures and adds to them many sutras. Vajrayana uses Mahayana scriptures and adds to them many tantric texts. Each contributed the following...
Main scriptures: Tipitaka
Popular: Dhammapada- Sayings of Buddha

Main scriptures: Sutras (sacred texts)- 2184 sacred writings.
Lotus Sutra- A sermon by the Buddha on Bodhisattva buddha-nature etc.
Perfection of Wisdom Sutra (Prajna-paramita)- Describes emptiness and others.
Popular: Heart Sutra- Describes nirvana emptiness and Ultimate Reality.
"Land of Bliss" Sutra- Describes the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha.

Tantric texts and commentaries- Deals mainly with Ultimate Reality as singular Unity and the sexual union of world (male) and cosmos (female).
Great Stages of Enlightenment- Deals with ethical behavior and control of mind.
Tibetan Book of the Dead- Deals with stages of dying death and rebirth.