As was pointed out angels are of different kinds. Besides those deputed to represent and supervise species of creation on the earth and present to God their worship there are four Archangels and the angels carrying God’s Throne—we do not know what the Holy Book means by God’s Throne and how it is carried.

There are also the groups of angels named "the Highest Council". "the Highest Assembly" and "the Highest Company". There are angels appointed to Paradise and Hell. The angels who record men’s deeds are called "the Noble Recorders" and as stated in a Saying there are 360 angels responsible for the life of each believer. They guard him especially during his infancy and old age and pray for him and ask God for his forgiveness. There are also angels who come to the aid of believers at war attend the assemblies of praise and glorification of God and the meetings held to make studies for God’s sake and for the benefit of people.

Angels particularly the angels of mercy do not enter the houses where there are statues and dogs are fed and refrain from close contact with those who are ritually unclean and women having periods. They also keep aloof from those who have bad breath because of what they have had like onions and garlic or because of smoking. Angels also do not visit those who break off relations with their parents and relatives.

God Almighty is powerful over everything; even though He is able to guard everyone by Himself. He may appoint angels to guard His servants. In order to deserve the guardianship and company of angels one should use his free will in making good choices and build up a close relation with God Almighty. One must have strong belief in God and other pillars of faith and never give up worshipping and praying to Him regularly. One must lead a disciplined life and refrain from forbidden things or sinful acts.

They help the believers who struggle in the way of God sincerely whenever they need and wherever they are.

Belief in angels has many benefits for man. It provides man with some sort of peace and removes his loneliness. The inspiration breathed by angels exhilarates him enlightens him intellectually and opens for him new horizons in knowledge and thinking. Awareness of the continuous company of angels holds man back from committing sins and improper behavior.