The Majestic Maker of this huge 'palace' of creation employs four kinds or classes of laborers of which the first are the angels and other spirit beings. Second there are inanimate things and vegetable creation which are quite important servants of God working without wages. Thirdly animals serve unconsciously in return for a small wage which is their food and pleasures while finally mankind work in awareness of the purposes of the Majestic Creator. They take a lesson from everything and supervise the other servants below their rank in return for wages which are paid in the form of a reward here and in the Hereafter.

The first class is the angels. The angels do not gain promotion by endeavoring; each of them has a fixed determined rank but receives a particular pleasure from the work itself and radiance from worship. That is the reward of these servants is found in their service. Just as man is nourished by air water light and food and derives pleasure from them so are the angels nourished by the lights of remembrance glorification worship knowledge and love of God and receive pleasure from them. For since they are created out of light light is sufficient for their sustenance. Fragrant scents even which are close to light are a sort of nourishment for them which they enjoy. Indeed pure spirits take pleasure in sweet scents.

In the jobs which the angels perform at the command of the One Whom they worship in the actions they do for His sake in the service they render in His Name in the supervision they exercise through His view in the honor they gain through connection with Him in the refreshment they find in studying both the material and immaterial dimensions of His Kingdom and in the satisfaction they have in observing the manifestations of His Grace and Majesty there is such elevated bliss that the human mind cannot comprehend it and one who is not an angel does not perceive it.