Love is the most essential element in every being and it is a most radiant light and a great power which can resist and overcome every force. Love elevates every soul which absorbs it and prepares it for the journey to eternity. A soul which has been able to make contact with eternity through love exerts himself to implant in all other souls what he gets from eternity. He dedicates his life to this sacred duty for the sake of which he endures every kind of hardship to the end and just as he pronounces ‘love’ in his last breath he also breathes ‘love’ while being raised on the Day of Judgement.
A soul without love is impossible to be elevated to the horizon of human perfection. Even if he lived hundreds of years he could not make any advances on the path to perfection. Those who are deprived of love since being entangled in the nets of selfishness are unable to love anybody else and die unaware of love which is deeply implanted in the very being of existence.

A child is received with love when he is born and grows up in a warm atmosphere composed of affectionate loving souls. Even if he may not enjoy the same love in the same degree in later phases of his life he always longs for it and pursues it throughout his life.

There are impressions of love on the face of the sun water evaporates high towards those impressions and after it has been condensed in drops high above the drops come down joyfully onto the earth on the wings of love. Then thousands of kinds of flowers burst through love and offer smiles to their surroundings. Dew drops on leaves glitter with love and twinkle with amusement. Sheep and lambs bleat and skip about with love and birds and chicks chirp with love and form choruses of love.

Each being takes part in the grand orchestra of love the universe with its own particular symphony and tries to demonstrate by free will or through its disposition an aspect of the deep love in existence.

Love is implanted in a man’s soul so deeply that many people leave their home for its sake many families are ruined and in every corner a Majnun groans with the love and longing for a Layla. As for those who have not been able to uncover the love inherent in their being regard such kinds of manifestations of love as madness!

Altruism is an exalted human feeling and what generates it is love. Whoever has the greatest share in this love is the greatest hero of humanity who has been able to uproot any feelings of hatred and rancour in himself. Such heroes of love continue to live even atfer their death. These lofty souls who by kindling each day a new torch of love in their inner world and making their hearts a source of love and altruism were welcomed and loved by people got the right of living eternally from such an Exalted Court that let alone death even Doomsday will not be able to remove their traces.

A mother who can die for her child’s sake is a heroine of affection; an individual who dedicates his life to his nation and country is a self-sacrificing member of his community and a man who lives and sacrifices himself for humanity is a monument of immortality who deserves to be enthroned in hearts. For them love is a weapon with which to overcome every obstacle and a key to open every door. Those who possess such a weapon and key will sooner or later open the gates to all parts of the world and spread everywhere the fragrance of peace from the ‘censers’ of love in their hands.

The most direct way leading to the hearts of people is the way of love. This way is the way of the Prophets. Those who follow it are not rejected; even if they are rejected by one or two people they are welcomed by thousands. Once they are welcomed through love nothing can prevent them from attaining their object.

How happy and prosperous are those who follow the guidance of love. How unfortunate on the other hand are those who unaware of the love deeply innate in their souls lead a "deaf and dumb" life!

O God. Most Exalted! Today when hatred and rancour have invaded everywhere like layers of darkness we take refuge in Your infinite Love and entreat at Your door that You may fill the hearts of Your mischievous pitiless slaves with love and human feelings!