Literature is the eloquent language of a nation's spiritual make-up world of ideas and culture. Those who do not share this "language" cannot understand each other even if they belong to the same nation.

Words are one of the best means to transfer ideas to others. Those who are able to use this means in the best way possible can quickly find many representatives of the thoughts they planted in others and so attain immortality through their ideas. Those who cannot do so die without a trace along with the mental pain they suffered while alive.

With the material it uses and its particular way of expression each type of literature is a unique language. Even if everyone understands something of this language only poets and writers use and speak it with its real meaning.

Just as dealers of gold and silver understand gold and silver only dealers in words understand literary jewels. An animal will eat a flower on the ground and those inappreciative of it will step on it and go on their way. Only one who is truly human will smell it and place it in his or her lapel or hair.

High thoughts and elevated subjects must be explained with a style to penetrate minds excite hearts and receive acceptance from spirits. If not those who keep the letter of words only will see the torn and miserable "clothing" put on the meaning and thus will not seek the inner jewels.

Meaning is the essential element in literature. Thus words should be kept to a minimum while being rich and full in meaning. Some people tend to explain their thoughts with similes metaphors allusions allusive metaphors and puns. However the most meaningful word is to be sought in exuberant inspired spirits profound imaginations that embrace all existence and believing analyzing and synthesizing minds able to attain the vision of this world and the Hereafter as two faces of one truth.