Since "real" life is possible only through knowledge those who neglect learning and teaching are considered "dead" even though they are still alive for we were created to learn and to communicate what we have learned to others.

Right decisions depend on having a sound mind and on sound thinking. As science and knowledge illuminates and develop one's mind those deprived of science and knowledge cannot reach right decisions and are always exposed to deception and misguidance.

Those who are truly human continue to learn teach and inspire others. It is difficult to regard as truly human those who are ignorant and have no desire to learn. It is also questionable whether a learned person who does not pursue self-renewal and self-reform and thereby set an example for others is truly human.

Science and knowledge should seek to uncover the nature of men and women and the mysteries of creation. Any knowledge however scientific is not true knowledge if it does not shed light on the mysteries of human nature and the dark areas of existence.

Status and merit acquired through knowledge and science are higher and more lasting than status and merit obtained through other means. This is true for two reasons: Knowledge will enrapture its possessors when they reach the other world with the pleasure of the positions acquired while in this world. In addition it will keep its possessors away from bad morals in this world and cause them to attain many virtues.

Parents should feed their children's minds of with knowledge and science before they become engaged in useless things for souls devoid of truth and knowledge are fields in which all kinds of evil thoughts are grown and cultivated.

The purpose of learning is to make knowledge a guide for your life to illuminate the road to human perfection. Any knowledge that does not fulfill these functions is a burden for the learner and any science that does not direct one toward sublime goals is only deception.

Science is to perceive the reality of science.
Science consists in knowledge of the self;
If then you do not know your self.
I wonder what kind of education you have had.

Appropriate language is an inexhaustible source of blessing for the learner. Those who possess such a source are always sought by people like a source of fresh water and lead people to what is good. Knowledge consisting of empty theories and unabsorbed pieces of learning which arouses suspicions in minds and darkens hearts is like a "pile of garbage" around which desperate and confused souls flounder.

Although science and all branches of knowledge are beneficial to almost everyone one cannot possibly acquire all of them for people's life-spans and resources are limited. Therefore learn and use only that which benefits yourself and humanity at large. Do not waste your life.

True scientists base their study and research on true reports correct expositions and scientific experiments. As a result they have peace of mind and solve their problems with ease. However those who do not know the truth are buffeted constantly by changing aims and methods and so are always disillusioned.

People are esteemed and appreciated in proportion to the profundity and content of their knowledge. The knowledge of those who spread gossip and idle talk is nothing more than gossip and idle talk. On the other hand truly valuable indeed are those who use their knowledge as a prism to perceive things and events as a light to illuminate "space" to the darkest points and to reach the most transcendent truths.